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This Benchmark Model Portfolio Is Undaunted by Stocks' Dip

It's been a volatile two weeks for U.S. stocks. The Dow Jones Select Dividend Index has declined three straight sessions, yet it's virtually unchanged over the past couple of weeks.
Never Wash Your Face the Same Way Again

Thanks to the array of micellar waters on the market, you can step away from the sink
What Americans Are Doing With Their Savings From the Gas Pump

Even with savings of more than $1 per gallon, only 3% of drivers are turning around to buy new stuff. Most, in fact, are paying off debt.
The British Are Coming: Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne Take Over Burberry

Our fave Brit "It" girls get super sultry in the new My Burberry fragrance campaign
Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: A So-So Victory for the Bulls

There was just enough bad news to keep the markets in the red but just enough good news to keep it from getting slammed, Cramer says.
Trump: I Thought of 'Make America Great Again'

Donald Trump is making it difficult to take his latest possible presidential run seriously. His latest sound bite came this week in an interview with MyFox New York , during which he said, among other things, that actual presidential contender Ted Cruz ripped off one of his lines when he announced...
Study: 51% of Dead Rappers Were Murdered

A note for aspiring musicians: The country music path is much safer than the rap game, at least when it comes to murder. That's the takeaway from a fascinating new study in the Conversation . Psychology and music professor Dianna Theadora Kenny analyzed the deaths of 13,000 musicians who performed...
Identity Fraud May Have Dipped in 2014, But Experts Say Not Enough

For many, reading about data breaches and identity theft is scary enough. For those who have to live it -- it's worse.
Sweeping New Marijuana Reform Bills Introduced In Congress

Legislation introduced in both chambers would reschedule marijuana, open up avenues for research and new interstate trade opportunities for business
The Student Loan Borrower Bill of Rights: The Law of the Land?

Senate Democrats introduce legislation that would be an upgrade over the Obama plan.
6 reasons (5 good, 1 bad) to spend home equity

There are many reasons to tap home equity, but some of them might not make sense for you.
Golf's top 5 wealthiest players in the world

They've officially made the cut. These players have a net worth totaling almost $1 billion.
What is the difference between a covered call and a regular call?

Learn what a call option is, what two strategies call options can be used for, and the difference between a covered call strategy and a naked call strategy.
What commodities are not tradable?

Learn about some of the durable and consumable goods that are not considered tradable commodities and why these goods cannot be traded.
7 Musicians Who Quit Their Bands

With tween girls all aflutter at the news that Zayn Malik has left One Direction , ETOnline has put together a slideshow of a dozen other popular bands that have also lost original members: Backstreet Boys: Kevin Richardson exited the boy band in 2006, and the other four Boys released two...
Making Sense of Chesapeake's Recent News

This past week, there were two interesting news items relating to Chesapeake Energy (NYSE: CHK). First, earlier this week, the company announced that it was cutting another $500 million out of its 2015 capital budget. Then, around the same time as the capex cut announcement, it was revealed that activist investor Carl Icahn had boosted his stake in the company from 9.98% to 10.98%.
What We Know About the Germanwings Co-Pilot

Before he locked his pilot out of the cockpit and intentionally sent 149 people to their deaths on a French mountainside , Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was an apparently happy guy with hobbies and a picturesque house in Montabaur, Germany. A neighbor who knew him tells Le Figaro that Lubitz "was...
Inspection and insurance

Home inspection and homeowners insurance are crucial elements to buying a home. Find out why.
Video: 4 ways to save when tying the knot

For your wedding, you should spend what you can comfortably afford without going into debt.
10 Reasons Your Belly Fat Isn't Going Away

Yes, stomach pudge may be stubborn, but here are a slew of research-proven ways to dump it for good.
Check out Rosie O'Donnell's beachfront estate

With its white sandy beaches and private dock, O'Donnell's home is in a league of its own.
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This Isn't the First 'Suicide by Plane Crash'
It is thankfully very rare for a pilot to decide mid-flight that it is time for themselves and everybody on board to die, but Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz isn't the first believed to have done so. While the lack of survivors can make such cases hard to confirm, experts believe... More >
Latest News
Building Explosion Rocks Manhattan
A massive explosion and fire leveled a building in the East Village of Manhattan this afternoon, with at least three people critically injured. Several others had lesser injuries after the blast at the five-story building near Second Avenue and Seventh Street. Investigators think a gas leak inside a ground-floor restaurant... More >
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