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Elon Musk's Tesla Gets Dinged Again on Model X Concerns

As Elon Musk lobs some shots across Silicon Valley on Apple's car efforts, Wall Street is firing right back, on concerns about the Model X.
8 Gorgeously Grown-Up Ways to Wear Ruffles

How to wear this feminine staple without looking twee
12 Hot Luxury Cars With Impressive Fuel Economy

It still isn't easy to find a luxury vehicle that gets more than 25 miles per gallon combined, but Tesla has prodded the competition to adapt quickly.
8 Maxi Dresses You'll Live In All Summer Long

One piece is all you need for the perfect summer outfit
Yum! Brands Not the Only Fast Food Giant Facing Pain From China

A warning by Yum! Brands on slowing demand for fast food in China suggests other U.S. companies may be at risk.
The Martian Lands $55M Debut

Ridley Scott's 3D space epic The Martian touched down in theaters with a robust $55 million at the weekend box office. The 20th Century Fox release, starring Matt Damon as an astronaut left for dead on Mars, proved moviegoers remain drawn by the gravitational pull of space adventures. The estimated...
Justin Bieber Pissed (but Not Really) About Nude Photos

Nude pictures of Justin Bieber on vacation in Bora Bora were leaked this week , and Bieber's legal team was quick to send cease and desist letters to news outlets that published them (as reported by TMZ , which was quite pleased with itself for not publishing them). But, as sources now...
Was Samsung Pay Hacked? What Users Need to Know

Is Samsung Pay still safe to use after the LoopPay breach? Here is what consumers need to know.
Employees to the Boss: 'Keep Your Raise, I Want A Vacation'

It's well known that overworked Americans would love a few days off. You'll be surprised by just what they're willing to give up for it.
Will Student Loan Borrowers Get Better Protections from Loan Servicers?

While the CFPB slams loan servicers, some believe the essential problems originate with the Department of Education.
Avoid rate shock from variable-rate HELOC

Have a variable-rate home equity line of credit? Consider refinancing and locking in a lower rate.
4 saving and investing tips for 20-somethings

It's not easy to save and invest for retirement at age 20, but you should do it. Here's how.
How To Create a Winning Elevator Pitch

Whether you are talking to potential investors, partners, customers or employees, the skill of being able to concisely summarize your business is critical.
Can mutual funds only hold stocks?

Learn about which types of mutual funds consist of only stocks, which may include stocks in addition to other assets and which never include equity securities.
Rosie O'Donnell's Daughter Has No Kind Words for Mom

The latest person to blast Rosie O'Donnell? Her own daughter. In an interview with the Daily Mail , Chelseasubject of much drama in August when she apparently went missing just before turning 18 but was found safe says Rosie actually kicked her out. "Rosie knew I was planning to leave...
How Yelp Adds Value to Local Businesses

Understand how the Yelp platform operates and how it adds value to the business world. Learn about the top five ways Yelp helps small businesses.
Zappos' Bizarre Work Culture Will Blow Your Mind

Amazon may have acquired Zappos six years ago, but it's likely the work culture at the latter is dramatically different from that of the former. That's because Zappos, under the direction of CEO Tony Hsieh, is pioneering a total revamp of its workplace, including getting rid of all its managers...
25 Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

Sweet potatoes are so good for your health. Need ideas for cooking them? These recipes should help.
Haven't filed a tax return in years. Now what?

To keep from feeling overwhelmed, follow these steps to prepare for getting IRS help.
Can I rescind before home seller signs my offer?

If you want to get your earnest money back, when is it too late to withdraw your home offer?
What Can You Make With Greek Yogurt?

Superstar chefs turn this protein-packed dairy treat into three delicious dishes.
The top 10 states for foreclosure

Take a look at the top 10 states for foreclosure last month and see if yours made the list.
12 Ways to Raise a Kid Who's Healthy for Life

Help your child master healthy eating, exercise, and happiness for life.
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Study: 1 in 3 Young Chinese Men Will Die From Smoking
Researchers are offering a helpful hint to Chinese men hoping to "avoid disability and premature death": stop smoking. Of the million people who died from smoking in China in 2010, 84% were male, reports AFP . A new study in the Lancet finds the annual death toll in China—which consumes... More >
Latest News
Amish Girl's Forced Chemo Battle Is Over
A judge formally ended the court-ordered guardianship of an Amish girl who resisted a hospital's attempts to force her to resume chemotherapy, bringing a close to the fight that raised questions about the rights of parents in making medical decisions for their children. The judge's decision, announced Friday, came more... More >
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